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As an IT professional, you have specific needs, and we are here to assist you in reaching your goals. Whether it’s optimizing resources within a limited budget or managing challenging vendor relationships, CohesiFi is here to support and empower you, our superheroes in the world of IT. Together, we can overcome any obstacle.





Why Co-Managed?

At CohesiFi, we excel in both Co-Managed IT and Fully Managed IT. We’re the experts who rock the short pants and cape, delivering exceptional support for all your IT needs.

No long-term contracts offer you the freedom to avoid being tied to specific services.
With ITPartners+, you retain full control over your IT environment, and rest assured, we have your back when it comes to backup and support.
Our strong relationships with vendors work to your advantage.
With the rapidly evolving nature of IT, it’s essential to step away from the day-to-day tasks and focus on the big picture.
Our technicians hold certifications from our chosen vendors, guaranteeing their expertise and proficiency in the technologies we specialize in.


CohesiFi stands out as an atypical IT provider.

Experience streamlined IT operations and the consolidation of vendors by partnering with our team of specialists.

We earn your business every month and proactively address IT security in an ever-changing environment.


Popular Services

Office 365 & G-Suite Backup

Statistics reveal that 1 in 3 companies experience data loss in SaaS applications.

It is not entirely surprising that data loss can occur in SaaS applications. While recovery options exist, it is important to note that Microsoft and Google do not assume responsibility for protecting your data. Both recommend independent backup solutions.

Traditional backup methods may not be practical for SaaS applications. However, with CohesiFi SaaS backup, you can benefit from cloud-to-cloud backup, unlimited data retention, and convenient per-seat pricing.

To learn more about how to safeguard your data, please continue reading below.

Cloud-to-cloud backup makes data recovery quick and easy.

Continuity & Backup

Backup has indeed become a standard practice, and many providers can promise data recovery. What sets CohesiFi apart as superhero-worthy support is our ability to rapidly assist you in recovering from incidents and getting you back to work promptly.

With our business continuity solution, we offer data backup at intervals as frequent as every five minutes. This enables you to achieve full recovery in as little as 6 seconds. Additionally, our daily screenshot verification ensures automatic confirmation of recoverability.

This world-class protection liberates you from dependence on outdated backup solutions or mere checkboxes, providing you with peace of mind and reliable support.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Free phones, lifetime warranty, no contract, and premium support. That’s why our partners love ITPartners+ VoIP.

Our full-featured VoIP includes call-center capability, mobile integration, business SMS.

Security Offerings

The number and complexity of network security solutions continues to grow and you can rely on ITPartners+ to adjust and master important emerging technologies.

Remote Monitoring and Helpdesk

Take advantage of our strengths as a managed services provider and tap into our famously fast helpdesk. Or choose RMM and gain proactive care to all endpoints including servers with less hassle.


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