Finding The Right IT Security Solution

We understand the challenges of cybersecurity and the constant evolution of threats. At ITPartners+, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing robust security solutions for your peace of mind.

Security layers are what make the job, and the risk, more tolerable. So let’s set you up with:

CohesiFi’s Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service brings enterprise-level protection to organizations of all sizes. Our dedicated team of security analysts works tirelessly to monitor your network, detect intrusions, and respond to threats in real-time, ensuring the security and integrity of your systems.

With SOC as a service, you can have round-the-clock protection and peace of mind, without the need for a large budget or in-house security team.

CohesiFi simplifies multi-factor authentication (MFA) adoption. Our experts review your environment, recommend trusted MFA solutions, and assist with implementation. Enhance security effortlessly with MFA.
Stay ahead of cyber threats with proactive dark web monitoring. CohesiFi identifies and reports compromised credentials for sale, giving you valuable insights to protect your system. Contact us to discover what’s lurking on the dark web.
Protect your Microsoft 365 environment from phishing attacks with Advanced Threat Detection (ATD). This active cybersecurity layer detects and blocks malware, credential phishing, and impersonation attempts. With actionable insights and expert knowledge, ATD provides a superior security experience. Don’t miss out on this crucial security layer – contact us to activate ATD for your Microsoft 365 environment.

Endpoint security is crucial for protecting your computers, servers, and other internet-connected devices. With the increasing number of endpoints, it’s essential to choose a solution that can adapt to changing technologies.

Our trusted endpoint security partner offers a unique guarantee: up to $1 million in compensation if their solution fails to protect you from ransomware. Unlike traditional antivirus software, this guarantee provides added peace of mind and demonstrates their confidence in their advanced security capabilities.


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